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Jewellery Care


I think of Birsenaite jewellery as an investment in both style and sustainability. When you choose a piece from my collection, you support a brand that values transparency, ethical practices, and the well-being of our planet.

I craft Birsenaite using only sterling silver and gold vermeil. So with a little attention and care, your jewellery will bring you joy for years to come…



18k Gold Vermeil

Crafted from high-quality recycled sterling silver plated with a thick layer of gold, 18k Gold Vermeil replicates the luxurious look of solid gold. To be called vermeil, as opposed to simply ‘gold-plated’ jewellery, a piece must be made from sterling silver.

While more durable than plating, gold vermeil does need a little care in order to look beautiful for years to come;


  • If your jewellery needs cleaning, rinse with cool water or a mild solution of soap and water
  • Do not use abrasive cleaners, such as cloths impregnated with polishing compound
  • Gently pat your jewellery dry with a soft cloth
  • Avoid wearing your jewellery while swimming, bathing, or showering
  • Apply toiletries, cosmetics, and perfume before putting on your jewellery
  • Keep away from chemicals, such as hand sanitisers and household cleaning products
  • When you are not wearing your jewellery, store it in your Birsenaite box or soft suede pouch. A quick wipe with a soft cloth will remove oils from fingerprints before storing.
  • If your gold plating fades, I can offer replating - free in your first year, and chargeable thereafter. Please email me on if you need help or advice.



925 Sterling Silver

Birsenaite jewellery uses only the highest quality, recycled 925 Sterling Silver for all our silver products. Each piece is stamped with the 925 mark, indicating its purity. 

Due to the metals that form the sterling silver alloy, silver jewellery can naturally tarnish with time or exposure to air, humidity, and chemicals. To prevent tarnishing, care for your jewellery by following the same steps above.


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